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[ allennlp.nn.activations ]

An Activation is just a function that takes some parameters and returns an element-wise activation function. For the most part we just use PyTorch activations. Here we provide a thin wrapper to allow registering them and instantiating them from_params.

The available activation functions are

Activation Objects#

class Activation(torch.nn.Module,  Registrable)

Pytorch has a number of built-in activation functions. We group those here under a common type, just to make it easier to configure and instantiate them from_params using Registrable.

Note that we're only including element-wise activation functions in this list. You really need to think about masking when you do a softmax or other similar activation function, so it requires a different API.


Registrable._registry[Activation] = {
    "linear": (lambda: _ActivationLambda(lambda x: x, "Linear"), None),  # type: ignore
    "mish" ...