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DEFAULT_EVALB_DIR = os.path.abspath(
        os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)), os.pardir, o ...

EvalbBracketingScorer Objects#

class EvalbBracketingScorer(Metric):
 | def __init__(
 |     self,
 |     evalb_directory_path: str = DEFAULT_EVALB_DIR,
 |     evalb_param_filename: str = "COLLINS.prm",
 |     evalb_num_errors_to_kill: int = 10
 | ) -> None

This class uses the external EVALB software for computing a broad range of metrics on parse trees. Here, we use it to compute the Precision, Recall and F1 metrics. You can download the source for EVALB from here:

Note that this software is 20 years old. In order to compile it on modern hardware, you may need to remove an include <malloc.h> statement in evalb.c before it will compile.

AllenNLP contains the EVALB software, but you will need to compile it yourself before using it because the binary it generates is system dependent. To build it, run make inside the allennlp/tools/EVALB directory.

Note that this metric reads and writes from disk quite a bit. You probably don't want to include it in your training loop; instead, you should calculate this on a validation set only.


  • evalb_directory_path : str
    The directory containing the EVALB executable.
  • evalb_param_filename : str, optional (default = "COLLINS.prm")
    The relative name of the EVALB configuration file used when scoring the trees. By default, this uses the COLLINS.prm configuration file which comes with EVALB. This configuration ignores POS tags and some punctuation labels.
  • evalb_num_errors_to_kill : int, optional (default = "10")
    The number of errors to tolerate from EVALB before terminating evaluation.


 | @overrides
 | def get_metric(self, reset: bool = False)


  • The average precision, recall and f1.


 | @overrides
 | def reset(self)


 | @staticmethod
 | def compile_evalb(evalb_directory_path: str = DEFAULT_EVALB_DIR)


 | @staticmethod
 | def clean_evalb(evalb_directory_path: str = DEFAULT_EVALB_DIR)