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class MultiTaskDatasetReader(DatasetReader):
 | def __init__(self, readers: Dict[str, DatasetReader]) -> None

This DatasetReader simply collects a dictionary of other DatasetReaders. It is designed for a different class (the MultiTaskDataLoader) to actually read from each of the underlying dataset readers, and so this really is just a glorified dictionary that we can construct as a DatasetReader. We throw an error if you try to actually call read(), because you should be doing that differently.

Registered as a DatasetReader with name "multitask".


  • readers : Dict[str, DatasetReader]
    A mapping from dataset name to DatasetReader objects for reading that dataset. You can use whatever names you want for the datasets, but they have to match the keys you use for data files and in other places in the MultiTaskDataLoader and MultiTaskScheduler.


class MultiTaskDatasetReader(DatasetReader):
 | ...
 | def read(
 |     self,
 |     file_paths: Union[PathLike, str, Dict[str, Union[PathLike, str]]],
 |     *, force_task: Optional[str] = None
 | ) -> Union[Iterator[Instance], Dict[str, Iterator[Instance]]]