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class TransformerMCReaderTransformerToolkit(DatasetReader):
 | def __init__(
 |     self,
 |     transformer_model_name: str = "roberta-large",
 |     length_limit: int = 512,
 |     **kwargs
 | ) -> None

Read input data for the TransformerMC model. This is the base class for all readers that produce data for TransformerMCTransformerToolkit.

Instances have three fields: * alternatives, a ListField of TransformerTextField * correct_alternative, IndexField with the correct answer among alternatives * qid, a MetadataField containing question ids

Parameterstransformer_model_name : `str`, optional (default=`"roberta-large"`)

This reader chooses tokenizer and token indexer according to this setting.

length_limit : int, optional (default=512) We will make sure that the length of an alternative never exceeds this many word pieces.


class TransformerMCReaderTransformerToolkit(DatasetReader):
 | ...
 | def text_to_instance(
 |     self,
 |     qid: str,
 |     start: str,
 |     alternatives: List[str],
 |     label: Optional[int] = None
 | ) -> Instance